Escaping the States is my blog about leaving the US and moving to Colombia. I want to have a place to talk about everything that’s interesting to me, from Colombian news, architecture, music, and art, to translations of Colombian poets, stories, tales about living in Medellín, original poetry, travel writing, and home-made recordings. I have a few friends that have escaped the states too, and I will feature their guest articles from time to time.

The two of us hanging out in the Sonoran desert right before we made our escape

Here we are hanging out in the Sonoran desert right before we made like Snake Plissken and escaped

This guy

Snake Plissken

My beautiful intelligent wife Caty and I moved to Colombia in late January 2015 hoping to learn spanish and to live in a new place with an unfamiliar culture. So far we’ve had some adventures, gone on a few trips, traversed the transportation system of Medellin that makes the city an ease to get around in, eaten some of the best food of our lives, tried a variety of seemingly impossible fruits, and eaten what I would have previously  considered to be fatal amounts of chicharrón.

Would the Rum Diary of Hunter S. Thompson have been less effective if it included restaurant reviews, addresses, directions, or advice?

Would The Colossus of Maroussi have been less powerful if Henry  Miller had tried to include information that was strictly informative—routes, currency info, tours, hotels, etc.

This blog is a place for some friends and I to write about our experience living in a country other then the one we were born into, and learning a new language as we go. Though there are some great sites out there already, there just isn’t enough English language content out there on Medellín, not to mention the many pueblos that dot the countryside, or the other cities of Colombia. We intend on covering everything that interests us- travel writing, restaurant reviews, cultural obersavations, humor, recipes, poetry, short stories, learning spanish, making music, and more.

How do you give someone a city, an experience, a slice of local life?
The Sun Also Rises, Hemingway’s first novel, was in many respects a travel book on Barcelona, albeit with a travel guide hiding a terrible war injury that darkly colored every moment of his life. Try reading your next article on Machu Pichu with that subtext.

I was constantly reading travel blogs as Caty and I planned our move to Medellin. A restaurant review would make me imagine myself in the city of eternal spring. A brief missive on a tattoo acquired in an Envigado shop would fill me with longing. I looked at pictures of empanadas almost as frequently as I now eat them.  Who will be the Simon Bolivar of travel writing? Reviews, essays, travelogues, poems, short stories, feats of daring do.